TRΛCEUR® Fits your move

TRΛCEUR® is a clothing/sportwear brand designed for the « practitioners » of a full expanding sport, Parkour. This discipline is frequently equated to the Yamakasi, to the moving art or Freerunning. This is a training method that involves moving, crossing barriers of urban or rural by jumping and climbing. More than an Art, Parkour is a way of life. We learn to outdo ourselves, to defeat our fears and overcome the trials of everyday. The qualities, values of this Art and its philosophy are the keywords of the Brand. TRΛCEUR® launches its first LifeStyle collection, a Sportswear product line which reflects the traceur's free spirit: wide, fluid and comfortable lines. The purpose is to develop the brand collection by creating technical clothing suited for Parkour practicing.




His "Parkour" in a few words

Rudy Duong is a Parkour practitioner from the very first generation. He took his first steps in 1998 beside the founder of the discipline. This discipline provided him with opportunities in the film industry. He obtained stuntman roles in features movies (District 13, Babylon AD, Tell No One, Le Grand Meaulne). Meanwhile, Rudy Duong graduated with a professional license at the Gobelins, l'école de l'image. His passion for the Parkour mixed with his strong interest in creativity led him to create the brand TRΛCEUR®.